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Kerstevenement met psychologieprijzen

donderdag 17 december 2020
FSW Kerstboom in 2019

Alle medewerkers en genomineerden zijn van harte uitgenodigd!

Het Instituutsbestuur Psychologie nodigt u uit voor het online 
kerstevenement op donderdag 17 december 2020 om 16.00 uur via Teams. 
Tijdens dit evenement worden de Psychologieprijzen uitgereikt.


Onderwijsprijs Psychologie

Wordt tijdens het kerstevenement bekend gemaakt.

PhD publication Award  


•    Evy van Berlo et al: Experimental evidence for yawn contagion in orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus).
•    Nathal de Wijn et al: Patient-related stressful situations and stress-related outcomes in emergency nurses: A cross-sectional study on the role of work factors and recovery during leisure time.
•    Maartje Witlox et al: Blended acceptance and commitment therapy versus face-to-face cognitive behavioral therapy for older adults with anxiety symptoms in primary care: a pragmatic single-blind cluster-randomised trial???
•    Wouter van Loon et al: Stacked penalized logistic regression for selecting views in multi-view learning.
•    Yung-Ting Tsou et al: Reading emotional faces in deaf and hard-of-hearing and typically hearing children.
•    Michael Rojek-Giffin et al:  Neurocognitive Underpinnings of Aggressive Predation in Economic Contests.

PhD Wild Card: Open Science Award


•    Roderik J.S. Gerritsen et al: No panacea? Tai Chi enhances motoric but not executive functioning in a normal aging population.
•    Milan van der Kuil: Leiden navigatie Test.
•    Mathijs Deen et al: ClusterBootstrap: an R package for the analysis of hierarchical data using generalized linear models with the cluster bootstrap.
•    Bianca Westhoff et al: Social Learning and the Brain: How do we learn from and about other people?
•    Hilmar Zech et al: A mobile approach-avoidance task.

Master scriptieprijs


•    Anouk Boonstra: Fear of melanoma (recurrence) in hereditary melanoma patients
•    Deniz Keskinel: How parental sensitivity influences the behavioral activation and inhibition systems of their children
•    Franziska Munzlinger: Maximizing and return policies: Reversibility in economic decisions decreases anticipated regret and decision avoidance for both satisficers and maximizers.
•    Koen van Lunteren: Effect of post-encoding task difficulty on episodic memory consolidation
•    Linus Neumann: Transparency in measurement: Reviewing 100 empirical papers using the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale 
•    Loes Dooren: Musical improvisation to enhance integrative negotiation: The effect of musical improvisation via creative thinking and prosodic sensitivity on negotiation
•    Marianna Pope: Exploring the unexpected: The long-term effect of novelty on memory and the relation with expectations
•    Martine Blanken: Exploring traumatic events as risk factors of PTSD and the moderating role of coping strategies and social support: A longitudinal study among ED nurses
•    Robert-Jan de Rooij: Data blinding in psychology: Introducing a tool and practical guidelines for common analyses

Research master scriptieprijs


•    Bram Zwanenburg: Influence of audience presence and inhibitory control on giving behavior in adolescents
•    Florian Thomas-Odenthal: A healthy diet against depression: Strong conclusions from weak evidence. A systematic review.
•    Martina Colombo: LGBQ in STEM: A matter of gender
•    Selin Topel: Electrocortical and behavioral responses during probabilistic learning through social feedback in relation to depression and social anxiety in young adults

De OBP-prijs Psychologie


  • Marion Duijsman
  • Emmy Zwetsloot 
  • Conny Binnendijk

Leiden Psychology Blog Award


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