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Studievoorlichting | Internship and Career Event

Online Archeologische Carrière- en Stageweek

maandag 3 mei 2021 - vrijdag 7 mei 2021
Online and on campus

Difficulties finding an internship in times of corona? Worried about your chances on the job market after graduation? Fret no more, but attend the online Archaeology Career and Internship Week!

  • Explore all the internships the Faculty has to offer
  • Connect with a plethora of archaeological employers (BAAC, ADC, Vriens, and the National Museum of Antiquities to name a few)
  • Be inspired by the stories of our alumni and take their advice to heart
  • Follow workshops that help you get the best start on the job market

The time to prepare for your career is now!

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The online Archaeology Career and Internship Week will take place in Kaltura. To access the Kaltura Live Room you will need to register. On Monday the 3rd you will receive the link to Kaltura Live Room.

Detailed programme

17.00-18.00 hours: choose one of these workshops
- Working as a PhD candidate
- Working as a Freelancer (ZZP)

A rerun of this day is available on Friday, May 7th.

15.00-16.00 hours: choose one of these workshops
- Working in the Netherlands as an expat
- Identifying talents and competences, and building your CV

16.00-16.15 hours: Job Market information session

16.15-17.15 hours: Talkshow with six alumni. Where are they now and how did they get there?

17.15-18.00 hours: Online networking and Q&A via wonder.me with employers and alumni

A rerun of this day, without the interactive elements, is available on Thursday, May 6th.

Rerun of the programme on May 4th, lacking the interactive elements.

15.00-15.30 hours: Internships information session

15.30-16.00 hours: live Q&A with Internship Coordinator Arjan Louwen

16.00-17.00 hours: Thesis information session for BA2 students

17.00-18.00 hours: re-run workshops Monday

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