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Ga op het ultieme avontuur: Journey to Discovery Symposium!

maandag 26 februari 2024
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden

Are you ready to dive into the mysteries of mathematics, computer science, physics, and astronomy? Join us at the much-anticipated Journey to Discovery Symposium on 26 February, 2024. This extraordinary event promises to be a journey that takes you to the far reaches of the universe and the depths of theoretical knowledge where you will be taken on a journey through the mysteries of the cosmos, the secrets of physics, the elegance of mathematics, and the boundless possibilities of computer science.

Why Should You Attend?

1. Specialised Tracks: Whether you're fascinated by the intricacies of theKPN network, intrigued by the mechanics of neural networks, starstruck by the wonders of space exploration, or thrilled by the potential of fusion energy, you can choose to follow the lectures from the Mathematics/Computer Science track or Physics/Astronomy track. There's something for everyone!
2. Renowned Speakers: Hear from the likes of Ard de Graaf, Joost Broekens, Nenad Božić, Govert Schilling, and Ralf Mackenbach. These are the visionaries leading us into new frontiers of knowledge and innovation.
3. Post-Event Socialising: Wrap up the day at the Foobar! It's your chance to mingle, share ideas, and perhaps even spark collaborations over drinks and delicious food.

The Program Highlights:

- 1:00 PM: Kickoff with an eye-opening lecture from a leading company.
- Post-Opening: Split into two tracks:
    - Mathematics/Computer Science: Dive into the depths of the KPN network with Ard de Graaf and explore the realms of neural networks with Joost Broekens.
   - Physics/Astronomy: Join Nenad Božić on a journey with ESA and travel to the stars with Govert Schilling.
- Final Talk: Reunite for Ralf Mackenbach's inspiring talk on the energy potentials of fusion.

Each session is a compact 45-minute treasure trove of insights – perfect for the curious and the ambitious.

Don't Miss Out!

Mark your calendars: 📅 26 February 2024, starting at 13.00 hrs in the Huygens Building. Secure your spot now by signing up at : https://www.deleidscheflesch.nl/inschrijven/extern/symposium2024. Remember, registration closes on 20 February, and you'll need to choose your preferred track.

Join us at the Journey to Discovery Symposium – where your academic journey takes a leap into the extraordinary. Let's explore, discover, and innovate together! 🌌🔭💻🔬

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