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Kunst en vrije tijd - Dans

Improve your Extensions

Woensdag 1 Februari van 18:30-20:30

Willemieke Verweij

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All levels

This course works on building the strength and technique to build higher extensions in dance. Whether you are a ballet dancer or a modern dancer, we all wish our legs could reach up to the sky. During this workshop Willemieke will drill you to the next level through a mix of exercises for muscle building, flexibility and the right technique.
After this clinic you will receive a handout with exercises to do at home to bring all the new knowledge into practice.

Willemieke Verweij is the proud owner of Tribes - dance and yoga. Tribes mirrors her dream brought to life: a community bound together through yoga and dance. Willemieke completed her studies at the Royal Academy of Dance in London and also finished her Yoga teacher training with the Baptiste Institute and has developed dance/yoga classes like Yoga Barre and Yin Ballet. Her biggest passion is teaching dance and yoga. Through teaching she hopes to inspire, empower and create possibilities for growth as a group (tribe) as well as individually.

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