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Kunst en vrije tijd - Muziek

Singing around the world - an online course | English spoken

Thursday from 19:30-20:30

Aleksandra Popovska

For whom
Students with previous singing experience and ability to read notes are encouraged to apply for this course. Beginners with a good musical ear as well. 

In recent decades, world music styles have been making increasing inroads into Western popular music, music theater, choral concerts. This course will provide technical approaches to singing non-Western styles, singing in different languages through the enchanting melodies from Africa, unexpected rhythms from the Balkans, Spanish lullabies, traditional chants from Nordic countries, Indian mantras, etc.. Songs with universal themes of love and longing, loss and joy will be sung.

Extra possibility: At the end of the course students can send the audio recordings of the music they studied and if there are enough entries, an audio track with all the voices will be created by the teacher.

Course format
You will typically learn 4-6 songs during this online singing course. Throughout the course, you will receive friendly individual feedback when desired.
As with all of our online singing lessons, you will need:
- a device with a camera and microphone (internal computer microphone would be sufficient).
- earphones/headphones/speakers.
- at least 1.5 square meters to move in
- comfortable clothes so you can move freely

A note on participation: Enhancing singing skills requires practical and active participation. As this is an interactive, group class all students will be required to have their videos turned on.

"When people ask me what style of music I teach, I say, 'Anything that is sung with passione'."
Aleksandra Popovska’s career spans two decades and several countries; she is known internationally as a singer, voice teacher, composer, and community choir's leader. Her work has taken her to over fifteen countries collaborating and inspiring many students and artists. She was trained in various music disciplines (voice, a composition for media, music education, and music production) in  The Netherlands, UK and Macedonia. 
She had more then hundred of performances on various podia around the world (to name a few: Rotterdam Opera Festival, Neuköllner Oper-Berlin, Macedonian National Opera & Ballet, etc.).
Aleksandra participated in recordings of over feefteen CDs in different music genres.

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