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Extending your stay

Do you need to extend your studies? Or would you like to stay in the Netherlands after graduation? Find out about the procedures for extending your stay as a student residence permit holder.

Extending your student residence permit

If you need more time to complete your studies, or will start another programme at Leiden University directly after graduation, you must request a residence permit extension.

  1. Read the Residence permit extension instructions - current Leiden University students.  This explains the eligibility criteria, required documents and financial matters.
  2. Inform Leiden University that you need a residence permit extension via the Visa contact form
  3. Leiden University will send you an email, directing you to the uSis visa portal where you can log in and submit your extension request.


The deadline for submitting your residence permit extension request to Leiden University is:

  • Three months before your current permit is due to expire

You will generally have to wait about 4 to 8 weeks for the Dutch immigration department (IND) to approve your request.

If you submit your request after the deadline, the university can generally still request an extension for you. However, there is a risk that your request will only be processed by the IND after your current permit has expired. This will result in a so-called residence gap, which can have an impact on subsequent immigration procedures, such as applications for permanent residency or naturalisation. 

  • To be eligible for a residence permit extension, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for both living expenses and tuition fee for your upcoming period of study. The required amount is €1250 (2024) per month of stay, plus your tuition fees.
  • The fee for residence permit extensions is €228 (2024).   

* Fees & amounts set by the Dutch immigration department (IND) and subject to annual change.

Staying in the Netherlands after your studies

Orientation year permit for graduates

Are you about to graduate, or have you recently graduated from Leiden University? Do you want to search for employment or work in the Netherlands? If so, you can request an orientation year residence permit.

You can find all procedures and requirements on the IND website. Also take a look at the IND's handy orientation year FAQ.

Learn more by watching this IND/Nuffic webinar entitled 'Work in Holland: Special permit for alumni of higher education'.  

Other type of permit

If you would like to arrange residency on other grounds, for example employment or partnership, visit the Dutch immigration department website for information on conditions and procedures.

You are responsible for arranging a residence permit on grounds other than study. However, the university would be happy to advise you during visa/residence permit consultation hours.

Visa/residence permit consultation hours

If you have a question about your residence permit, arrange an (online) appointment during the visa team's weekly consultation hours. See the visa team's contact information on this page for details.

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