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Leaving the Netherlands

As an international student, there are a number of matters you should take care of prior to leaving the Netherlands at the end of your studies.

If you have a student residence permit: 

  • Leaving early? Notify the Visa Team
    Are you leaving before the end of your study programme? Make sure to notify the Visa team so they can update their records and notify the IND.
  • Hand in your residence permit
    Your residence permit is property of the Dutch immigration department (IND). If you plan to leave the Schengen area, you must therefore return it to the IND by post or in person. You can find detailed instructions on the IND website (under ‘Hand in your residence permit’).

Cancel your town hall registration

If you are not planning to return to the Netherlands within 8 months, you must cancel your registration with your local Dutch town hall. Do so at least 5 days before leaving! Procedures vary depending on the municipality at which you are registered. You can find here the procedures for:

For other cities, please take a look on your local municipality website. 

After cancelling your town hall registration your details will be transferred to the Non-residents Records Database.

Download and activate DigiD app

The DigiD app can be handy in case you need to take care of any Dutch administrative matters after you have left the Netherlands. DigiD is required, for example, to request a free digital extract of your Dutch diploma.

Close your Dutch bank account

If you do not plan to return to the Netherlands in the coming years, make sure to cancel your Dutch bank account to avoid any unnecessary charges. Check the details with your Dutch bank.

Have your diploma legalised

If you are you planning to work or study abroad, you will often need to have your Dutch diploma legalised. It is much easier to arrange this before you leave the Netherlands. Find out more on the DUO website.

Finalise housing formalities

Check with your landlord or housing provider well in advance what steps you need to take when leaving your accommodation. For example, is a room inspection required, how can you reclaim your security deposit and how can you return your key.
If you are renting via DUWO you can find details on the
I’m moving out of my room page

Cancel any government benefits or grants

Have you been claiming any benefits or grants from the Dutch government, for example rent benefit, healthcare benefit or DUO student finance? Make sure to cancel these when you leave the Netherlands to avoid incurring any fines.

Cancel any additional (Dutch) insurances

Have you taken out additional (Dutch) insurances, such as health, liability or contents insurance? Remember to cancel these once you leave the Netherlands. Check the details with your insurance provider.  

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