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Obligations for residence permit holders

As a student residence permit holder, you must fulfil a number of conditions to remain entitled to your permit. If you fail to do so, Leiden University is required to inform the Dutch Immigration Department (IND), in accordance with the Code of Conduct: International Students in Higher Education. It is therefore essential that you are aware of your obligations.

Sufficient funds 

You are obliged to have sufficient funds to support yourself during your entire stay. If your study programme is longer than 12 months, the visa team will ask you to submit a new financial statement at the start of each subsequent academic year.

Town hall registration

You are obliged to remain registered with your local Dutch town hall throughout your stay and communicate any changes of address to the municipal authorities. Your address in the municipal register will be used for all communication from the IND and other governmental departments.  Remember to cancel your town hall registration when you leave the Netherlands.

University registration

You must remain registered (and actively studying) as a full-time student of Leiden University.

Sufficient study credits  

As a student residence permit holder, you must obtain at least 50% of the required study credits per academic year. If you are following a pre-master programme, you must complete the
entire programme within 1 year (or 1 semester for short pre-Master programmes). Exceptions can only be made in cases of proven exceptional circumstances.

For further information and details of what to do if your studies are hindered by exceptional circumstances, see the Factsheet: Academic progress requirements and procedures for student residence permit holders


You are obliged to have sufficient health insurance coverage during your entire stay. The type of policy you need depends on the coverage you require and whether you will work or do a paid internship. Read more about health insurance.

Valid permit at all times

Student residence permits are issued for the duration of your study programme plus 3 months. You are obliged to leave the country before your permit expires, unless you have arranged residency on other grounds.
If you start a new study programme or need more time to complete your studies, you are responsible for requesting an extension of your residence permit in good time.

Find out more about the Code of Conduct: International Students in Higher Education

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