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Additional costs during your studies

As a student of Leiden University you will need to take a number of costs into consideration. In addition to your tuition fees, you will need sufficient funds to cover your study materials and living costs.

Monthly living costs

In the table below you can find a rough estimate of the monthly expenses for students in Leiden and The Hague. Of course, actual expenditure can vary greatly from student to student, so these figures only provide a rough indication.

Rent (including water, gas and electricity)
Note: there is limited availability in the lower price range, so be prepared to pay in the upper range.

€400 – €700
Groceries €173*
Clothing and shoes €53*
Travel expenses
Note: if you regularly commute between Leiden and The Hague, be prepared to pay more.
€70 – €100
Health insurance €80 - €120
Books and study materials (varies per programme) €49*
Sport and social activities €124*
Telephone €19*
Total (excluding tuition fees) €968 – €1338

* Based on figures provided by Nibud (Dutch Institute for Family Finance Information).

Note: if you need a student visa/residence permit, you will be asked to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for both your tuition fee and living expenses. The exact amounts required can be found on the visa page.

Rent benefit

Students may be entitled to claim rent benefit. For more information and to apply please visit the website of the Dutch tax authority. Applications for rent benefit are the responsibility of the student but you can request assistance from De Leidse Rechtwinkel (free legal aid centre). If you encounter any problems with rent benefit, you can contact the De Leidse Rechtwinkel in Leiden or the Jongeren Informatiepunt (JIP) in The Hague. 

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