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Financial support

As a student of Leiden University you may be eligible for financial support via a number of scholarships, funds and other rulings. Many companies and organisations also offer discounts to students.

Coronavirus: compensation from DUO

Have you fallen behind in your studies as a result of the coronavirus? You may be entitled to compensation from DUO. This might include, for example, compensation for the expiration of your student finance or additional costs incurred due to falling behind.

Financial support in cases of study delay

Have your studies been impacted by illness, pregnancy, a disability, family circumstances or similar issues? If so, you may be eligible for support via the university’s 'regulations on financial support for students’. Visit the study delay page for details.

Scholarships and funds

For study-related activities

Scholarships are available for study-related activities both at Leiden University and abroad. Find out more on the scholarships website.

For other activities

Student organisations and individual students can request subsidies and funding for the organisation of other types of activity. Read more about financial support for projects and activities.

Rent benefit

If you are renting accommodation in the Netherlands you may, in some situations, be eligible for rent benefit. See the Dutch Tax Authority website for details. If you need assistance or advice about rent benefit, contact the Leidse Rechtswinkel (free legal aid centre) or the JIP (youth information point).

Student discounts

Many organisations and companies offer discounts to students. When shopping or visiting events or museums, always check whether student discounts apply. There are also various student and youth cards available that entitle card-holders to discounts. These include:

  • Leiden University Fund (LUF): student members are eligible for discounts at participating shops and cafés in Leiden and The Hague.
  • CJP: get discount on music, films, cultural events and more.
  • Knaek: for student discounts in your local city.
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