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Registration and re-registering as a student

When following a Bachelor’s programme you must re-register as a student each academic year. You must also request registration if you want to join a Master’s programmes.

Student registration

Before beginning a Bachelor's or Master's programme at Leiden University, you must complete all steps in the application and registration process: 

The rules governing student registration can be found in the Regulations for student registration, tuition fees and examination fees

(Re) registration

You can request initial student registration per 1 September or per 1 February via Studielink. However, be aware that you are not permitted to commence the first year of a Bachelor's programme in February.

You can request re-registration per 1 September each subsequent academic year via Studielink.

With the exception of certain study programmes offered by LUMC and the Faculty of Science it is not possible to commence student registration on a date other than 1 September or 1 February. Exceptions can be made in cases of, for example, illness or educational circumstances beyond your control. If you find yourself in such a situation please contact the Student Affairs Front Office at Plexus. 

Studielink and DigiD

If you live in the Netherlands and need to (re)register as a student using Studielink you will need a DigiD (digital identity). Make sure to request a DigiD activation code as early as possible as you will need this in time to finalise your (re)registration! 
Note: a
 DigiD is not required for new students who do not yet live in the Netherlands. 

Late (re)registration 

It is not possible to back-date your student registration, in other words you cannot register with retroactive effect. For example you cannot submit a request for registration commencing per 1 September on 1 September. 

Registration commencing on a date other than 1 September or 1 February is only permitted if you are following a Master’s programme at LUMC or certain Master's programmes at the Faculty of Science. 

Registering for a Pre-master

Do you have to follow preparatory courses, otherwise known as a Pre-Master, before commencing your Master’s studies in Leiden? If so, the Admission Statement you received from the faculty will instruct you to register on a specific Bachelor’s programme, via Studielink, in order to follow the necessary courses. Please refer to your Admission Statement for detailed information. 

Other modes of study

Are you registered as a student at another university but want to follow a number of courses at Leiden University? If so different student registration procedures apply. Full details can be found on universiteitleiden.nl, but an overview of the other modes of study available is provided here below. 

Contract student

You attend courses and take exams but don’t follow an entire study programme. Registration is arranged directly with the administration of the study programme. For more information and to request registration please contact the study adviser of the programme in question. 

Guest student

If you pay statutory tuition fees and are registered at another Dutch higher education institution, and want to take one or more courses at Leiden University, you can register as a guest student. Your registration will be valid for one academic year. You must submit a new registration request for each academic year.

Steps to take
Step 1. Statement issued by your study adviser

Ask the study adviser of your own study programme to complete and sign this statement then send it back to you:

Step 2. Statement issued by Leiden University study adviser
  1. Send the statement completed by your study adviser by email to the study adviser of the programme you want to join at Leiden University.
  2. Ask the study adviser to complete and sign the Statement Leiden University study adviser and return it to you. 
Step 3: Proof of tuition fee payment (Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld: BBC)

This is proof that you have paid tuition fees to the university at which you are currently registered. You can submit your BBC in two ways:

  • You can ask your educational institution to send a digital BBC to studentenadm@sea.leidenuniv.nl
    Note: Send the original BBC. A copy is not valid proof. We only accept a BBC with the statutory tuition fee.
  • Or you can request an original BBC from your educational institution, then submit it by post to: 

    Student Administration 
    Leiden University

    Postbus 9500
    2300 RA Leiden

    Note: Send the original BBC. We cannot accept a copy.  
Step 4: Registration

Complete the Request registration as a guest student form. Here you will be asked to upload both study adviser statements. 

Auditing student 

If you want to attend classes but not take any exams you can register as an auditing student at Leiden University. You will pay tuition fees for a whole academic year and during this period can follow an unlimited number of courses. If you want to take exams you should instead register as a contract student. 

Study abroad/Exchange student

International students can follow undergraduate courses at Leiden University either as part of an exchange agreement or as fee-paying study abroad students. Detailed information on application and registration procedures can be found on our Study abroad/Exchange webpages.

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