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Financial support

As a student of Leiden University you may be eligible for financial support via a number of university rulings and other arrangements. Many companies and organisations also offer discounts to students.

Coronavirus: compensation from DUO

Have you fallen behind in your studies as a result of the coronavirus? You may be entitled to compensation from DUO.
This might include, for example, compensation for the expiration of your student finance or additional costs incurred due to falling behind.

Ruling on financial support for students

Do you receive student finance from DUO and have your studies been impacted by illness, pregnancy, a handicap, family circumstances or similar issues? If so you may be eligible for financial support from the university in accordance with the 'regulations on financial support for students’.

Rent benefit

If you are renting accommodation in the Netherlands you may, in some situations, be eligible for rent benefit. For more information and to apply please visit the website of the Dutch Tax Authority. For advice and assistance when applying you can contact the De Leidse Rechtswinkel (free legal aid centre).

Student discounts

Many organisations and companies offer discounts to students. When purchasing a product always check whether student discounts apply. There are also various student and youth cards available that entitle card-holders to discounts.


The Leiden University Fund (LUF) subsidises projects undertaken by Leiden faculties and researchers. It finances endowed chairs and offers grants to students and alumni for activities that enhance their studies. As a student member of LUF you are entitled to discounts at participating stores and cafes in Leiden. 

CJP card

Students aged under 30 can purchase a CJP card which entitles you to discounts on music, films, cultural events and more.

Knaek card

The Knaek card or Knaek app (information only available in Dutch) is a student discount card that must be used in combination with your LU card or student card. Knaek cards are only issued at the start of each academic year.

Financial Aid for current students.

For students in financial need, LUC has a financial aid fund. Since 2016, a donation from the Praesidium Libertatis fund of Leiden University enables us to help even more students.

You can apply for financial aid even if you did not receive such aid before. Not all applicants will automatically receive financial support. Whether or not to grant financial aid to an individual student is decided by the CB on a case-by-case base, taking into account:

  • Financial needs of the student
  • The academic and social standing of the student
  • The available budget

Please note that students who currently receive financial aid, also have to reapply for the next academic year. If you are receiving financial aid this year, you should have received an email about this. If you did not receive an email, please contact us.

The deadline for financial aid applications for current students is 1 March 2019. Please send an email to financial.support@luc.leidenuniv.nl to request an application form.

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