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Regulations on financial support for students

Leiden University students are entitled to request financial support from the university in accordance with the 'regulations on financial support for students’. This support is intended to help you continue studying even if exceptional circumstances have caused you to fall behind.

The 'regulations on financial support for students’ (in Dutch) are in place to help students whose academic progress has been held up due to:

Different conditions and procedures apply if you are combing your studies with top-level sport, or if you are delayed in your studies as a result of board membership activities.

For who

The regulations on financial support for students apply to students whose academic progress has been held up and who are:

  • receiving a basic student grant from DUO, or; 
  • receiving DUO student finance during the period in which the academic delay occurred and had not received this for longer than the nominal duration of their study programme, or;

  • paying statutory tuition fee, or;

  • are affected by educational circumstances beyond their control.


If you wish to request financial support from Leiden University you must meet the following criteria:

  1. you are a student of Leiden University;
  2. you are paying tuition fees to Leiden University;
  3. you find yourself in one (or more) of the following exceptional circumstances:
    • you are pregnant or have just given birth.
    • you have a disability or chronic illness.
    • you are unwell (physically or mentally).
    • you are experiencing exceptional family circumstances (e.g. serious illness or death of a family member).
    • You are unable to study at a normal full-time tempo due to educational circumstances beyond your control.
  4. you have reported your academic delay to a study adviser within thirty days of the delay occurring;
  5. you have drawn up an adapted study plan with your study adviser in order to avoid further academic delay;
  6. you are unable to catch up on the missing elements of your studies within the normal duration of your study programme.

If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria please take a look in our FAQs. If you are still in doubt please contact a student counsellor for advice.

If you meet the above-mentioned criteria you can submit a request for financial support. This is done as follows.

  1. At the end of the academic year, in collaboration with your study adviser, you must calculate how many study credits you have missed out on as a direct result of the exceptional circumstances;
  2. You must then complete a ‘Reporting and registering study delay’ form and submit it, along with the necessary accompanying documents, to Plexus Student Centre, for the attention of the SEA secretariat, Kaiserstraat 25, 2311GN Leiden.

Amount and duration

Within 6 weeks of submitting your registration of study delay form you will receive a message stating the period of time for which you are entitled to receive financial support. The amount awarded depends on the regulations and articles that apply to your situation: Regulations financial support for students 2015, Part 1, art. 6.c and 6.d (if you are making use of the DUO loan system), or regulations financial support for students 2012, Part 1, art. 6.d and 6.e (if you receive a basic grant from DUO).

Extra year of student finance

If you have fallen behind in your studies due to a disability or chronic illness you may be able to request an extra year of student finance from DUO. However you will receive less financial support from Leiden University if you are entitled to an extension of your student finance period from DUO. Contact a student counsellor to discuss whether this ruling applies to you.

Requesting payment of financial support

Once you receive confirmation that your study delay has been officially registered you may request payment of the financial support due to you.  

You are only entitled to financial support if you meet the following conditions on the date of payment:

  • You have not yet graduated;
  • You are registered as a full-time student of Leiden University;
  • You are paying tuition fees to Leiden University.

In addition you must:

If you meet all the above-mentioned conditions you can complete a request form - financial support payment and submit it to Plexus Student Centre, for the attention of the SEA secretariat, Kaiserstraat 25, 2311GN Leiden.

Request for lower tariff of institutional tuition fee

If your academic progress has been delayed due to no fault of your own, and you are paying a higher tariff of institutional tuition fee because you are a non-EU national or are following a second study programme, you can request permission to pay a lower tariff of institutional tuition fee. If approved, this lower tariff will apply for the duration of your registered study delay.

For more information please contact a student counsellor.

More information

For more information about the regulations on financial support for students, please contact a student counsellor

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