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Student or registration card

Your student or registration card is your proof of registration as a student of Leiden University.

Digital and physical student card

In the future, the university will fully transition to a digital version. But until then, the student card will exist in two forms: digital and physical. You will still need the physical card, for example to prove your identify during exams. Make sure to always have it with you.

Digital student card

In order to use the digital version of your student card, you will need the Leiden University app. The card will appear in the app within three days of the finalisation of your student registration. Don’t have the app yet? Download it here!

Not visible in the app?

You will receive confirmation via uSis once your registration has been finalised. If your card isn't visible in the app after three days, contact the ISSC helpdesk.

Always up to date 

The digital student card is connected in realtime to the student administration system. As the card always shows today's date, it's easy to check whether it is currently valid.  

Physical student card

When will I receive my physical student card?
You will receive your student or registration card in the third week of the month following your registration as a student of Leiden University. Note that you must first be registered at a Dutch address.

Check your correspondence address
You will receive your student or registration card at your Dutch correspondence address. You can check and update your correspondence address via Studielink, or, if you are not registered in Studielink, via Student Affairs Front Office.

Non-Dutch correspondence address
Did you register with a non-Dutch correspondence address? Due to corona measures we are unable to issue cards in person. Therefore you will only receive your card by post once you have registered at a Dutch address.

Whilst awaiting your student or registration card, you can request an official statement of registration via uSis. See How do I request a statement of registration? 

Loss or theft
If your student or registration card is stolen or becomes lost please contact the Student Affairs Front Office.

Need proof of registration sooner rather than later?
If you have not received your physical student card yet but you need proof of student registration, you can request an official statement of registration through uSis. See 'How do I request a statement of registration?'

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