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Course and exam enrolment

You can enrol for courses and exams via uSis or your faculty's education administration office.

Take a look under your faculty or study programme tab for further information. If you have any questions, please contact your education administration office


Do you have a question about uSis? If so, please consult our FAQs or send a mail to the uSis web editors

How to register for a course in uSis

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Course enrolment period

For senior year students:  please note that as of academic year 2021-2022 the course enrolment deadline is variable (read for more information below). 

The course enrolment rules are as follows:

  • Enrolment for courses is possible till 5 days before the start of the course. In MyTimeTable you can look up the start date per course (some courses deviate from this rule, please check the Prospectus page for exceptions)
  • For all the variable closingdates, enrolment is possible till Midnight 23:59 hours
  • No enrolment in uSis is no participation 
  Enrolment opens on:
Courses in block 1 & 2 15 July 2021, 13:00
Courses in block 3 & 4 15 December 2021, 13:00

Do I need to enrol myself for courses?

  • First year Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology students will be enrolled in uSis for all first year courses (semester 1 & semester 2) by the Student Services Centre
  • All senior Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology students must enrol themselves for lectures and/or workgroups in uSis.

Retaking a first year course?

Students who still have to complete (components of) first-year courses will be enrolled in uSis by the SSC in August 2021. Students will also be enrolled for the (retake) exams in uSis.

Enrolling for a course in uSis

To enrol for a course in uSis, you will need to follow certain steps in the uSis system. You can use the catalogue number or the unique study activity code per course component (lecture and/or workgroup). The enrolment procedure is explained in this video and in the document under the header 'See also' on this page. 

Points of attention:

  • Study activity codes can be found in MyTimeTable. with the use of this scheduling tool (read: this tool does not display your official uSis enrolment) you can check the schedule of your study period for one or more courses
  • Please check for possible schedule conflicts between one or more courses: for this, you can use MyTimeTable.

If you are experiencing problems registering for a course, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Some courses have entry requirements (see Prospectus), which are also listed in the registration lists (uSis) of the work groups. It may be that you do not (yet) meet the entry requirements for the course in question.
  • The workgroup is full. Please select a workgroup with another time slot. While registering for workgroups, the principle of ‘first come, first served’ applies. You will have to select a workgroup with another time slot.
  • Is there already a Work Group section of the course in your shopping cart? If so, you will need to empty the shopping cart before you can register for another Work Group section.
  • Your registration at Leiden University or for the study programme may not be complete. Check the messages in the Student Centre in uSis. Contact Student Affairs Front Office.

Questions about uSis?

uSis FAQ



Full text Exam registration and exam withdrawal

The registration rules in brief

  • For all exams at the Faculty students must register (manual exam registration) using uSis.

  • Registration is only possible during the registration period, which runs from 100 calendar days to 10 calendar days before the exam in question. For example, if the exam is on 22 September, you must have registered in uSis by 23:59 hrs on 11 September. This means you can register for the exam as soon as you start a course, and that is what we would advise.
  • Always double check that your registration has been successful: Go to ‘My Class Schedule’ in uSis and check that the exam is listed there. If it is not, something has gone wrong with your registration.

  • If for some reason you are unable to register successfully through uSis, send an email to the SSC before the end of the exam registration period. If you contact us after the registration period has ended, we will not be able to help you.

  • If you do not register for the exam before the deadline, you will not be allowed to take the exam. It is not possible to register late; we strongly advise you to register for all your exams well in advance.

Special provisions for examinations on the grounds of disability
If the study adviser has given you permission for a special provision on the grounds of disability, you do not need to apply separately to the SSC for this provision. As long as you register for the exam in good time, the provision will be arranged for you automatically. You will be expected to take the exam in the special provisions exam hall, and your exam paper will be sent there.

Some students are entitled to extra time for exams because of a disability. Any student who has been registered for this provision by the study adviser will be allowed an extra half-hour to take the exam.

You may decide, as a one-off, that you do not wish to make use of your special provision for a given exam and would prefer to take the exam in the regular exam hall. In this case you must inform the SSC by email within the registration period, i.e. at least 10 calendar days before the exam. You will then be expected to take the exam in the regular exam hall.

If you no longer wish to use your provision at all, we request you to inform the study adviser, who will remove your name from the special provisions list. If your name has been removed from the list, you will from then on automatically be assigned a place in the regular exam hall.

What to do if sudden general circumstances prevent you from making it to your exam
It sometimes happens that students cannot make it to the exam on time because of unexpected general circumstances beyond their control, for example if all the trains to Leiden suddenly stop running. In such cases, please follow the guidelines below*:

  • You can enter the exam hall until 45 minutes after the start of the exam. If you will be later, there is no point in going to the exam location anymore.

  • If you cannot make it to the exam on time due to unexpected general circumstances, please send an email to the SSC on the same day stating the reason, your name and your student ID.

  • The SSC makes a list of all the students who report having missed the exam due to general circumstances beyond their control and sends this list to the Board of Examiners.

  • The Board of Examiners decide on whether a special provision will be made for these students.

  • The SSC or the Board of Examiners informs the students of the decision.

* Please note that the guidelines above do not apply to individual circumstances, but only to general circumstances affecting other students as well.

Everything you need to know before, during and after taking an exam

Full text Exam Procedure.

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