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De-registering as a student

Upon graduation, or if you discontinue your studies, you must terminate your student registration at Leiden University. This is also known as de-registration. Make sure to do so as quickly as possible in case you are eligible for a partial refund of tuition fees paid.


Bachelor’s and Master’s students can de-register via Studielink by taking the following steps:

  • Log into Studielink
  • Choose the study programme for which you want to de-register
  • Select the red button ‘Terminate enrolment’
  • Select your ‘Reason’ for termination, i.e. ‘Graduation’, or (if you are discontinuing) ‘Termination of enrolment’
  • If applicable, enter any ‘Additional information’ you think is relevant

You can ask that your registration be terminated at the earliest as of the first day of the following month. In some cases early termination of registration may mean you are entitled to a (partial) refund of tuition fees.

Please note that it is not possible to back-date the termination of your student registration, in other words you cannot de-register with retroactive effect!

Discontinuing your studies

You may choose to discontinue your studies at any point in the academic year except the months of June, July and August. You may wish to do so if, for example, you no longer want to follow the programme, you wish to avoid being issued with negative binding study advice, or circumstances are preventing you from studying. Make sure to de-register in Studielink via ‘My enrolments’ then ‘Request for termination of enrolment’, or by completing a ‘Request for termination of registration form’. 


Upon graduation you can request de-registration via Studielink ‘on the grounds of graduation’. Your de-registration will then come into effect on the first day of the month following the date your graduation is recorded in uSis. 

The date on which your student registration is terminated is not related to the date on which you receive your actual diploma. It is therefore wise to submit a request for de-registration ‘on the grounds of graduation’ as soon as you are informed that you have met all the requirements for graduation. There is no risk that your de-registration will come into effect too early, as your registration will only be terminated once your graduation is recorded in uSis. 


In addition to de-registering in Studielink you are also responsible for cancelling student finance arrangements with DUO

After graduation

Whether you are graduating or discontinuing your studies there are many options available to you once you leave university. You could, for example, become a Leiden University ambassador. You can find more information under ‘After graduation’.

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