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Financial consequences of de-registration

As soon as we receive your termination of registration request we will check whether you are entitled to a (partial) refund of tuition fees. Be aware that once you de-register you are no longer officially a student. As a consequence you will no longer be able to benefit from many special arrangements for students.

Tuition fee refund if applicable

Once you request de-registration we will verify whether you are entitled to a (partial) refund of tuition fees. In other words, reimbursement of any tuition fees you have already paid for the months you will no longer be registered. Be aware that:

  • Tuition fees will not be refunded for the period 1 June to 31 August. In other words, if you terminate your student registration later than 31 May.
  • You can only receive a tuition fee refund (if applicable) if you are no longer registered as a student of Leiden University, on any degree programme.

No longer a student

Remember that you can no longer benefit from many special arrangements for students once you terminate your registration. In most cases it is your own responsibility to notify organisations that you are no longer a student. 

Remember, for example, to cancel your DUO student finance. You may also have to leave your student accommodation within so many months of terminating your student registration.


If you receive student finance or have a student travel pass from DUO you must cancel these yourself once you terminate your registration at Leiden University. This must be done directly with DUO. If you are aged 30 or older you will no longer be able to reactivate your student finance and travel pass. 

Please note that cancelling your registration with DUO is not the same as terminating your student registration and tuition fee obligations at Leiden University. 


Most students living in student accommodation sign what is known as a campus contract, which states that they must vacate their room within so many months of ending their studies. Six months is the usual term. This arrangement helps to ensure that new students can find accommodation, just as you did when you started your studies.

DUWO student housing policy

To make sure that rooms continue to become available for new students DUWO, the student housing organisation in Leiden and The Hague, will check every year whether you are still registered at an educational institution. They will do so as follows: 

  1. DUWO will ask the educational institution whether you are still a student, although not all institutions will cooperate; or  
  2. DUWO will ask you if you are still a student. You can prove this by submitting a copy of your student card or a statement from your educational institution. 
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