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Read here about the various agreements in place at Leiden University for student and study associations and other student organisations.

Health and well-being during introductory period

To ensure the well-being of new students during introductory activities, student organisations that are planning on holding activities must adhere to the agreements set down in  the ‘Covenant on the treatment of (prospective) association members - particularly during the introductory period’ (in Dutch).

Overlapping introductory activities

Every year, a large number of organisations hold activities for new students. The Overlap Committee draws up agreements to ensure as little overlap as possible and so enable students to take part in all the activities they need. See the agreement set down by the Overlap Committee.

Alcohol and drugs

Leiden University finds it very important that study and student associations look after the health and safety of their members. For this reason, a number of agreement have been drawn up in relation to alcohol and drug use. 

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