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Study associations

A study association is a good way to combine study-related activities with pleasure. Every faculty has one or more study association.

Many study programmes have their own study association. For more information take a look under the faculty tab, or speak to the administration of your study programme. 

Archaeology study association

L.A.S. Terra is the archaeological study association of Leiden University, this association consists of the core board and five subgroups for each of the different regions of the world. Each subgroup regularly organises interesting and informal activities. Information about these activities can be found on the Instagram page, lasterra.nl or in the weekly newsletter. 

For first year students, Terra organises special activities such as the first years’ weekend. There is also a discount for first year students when buying study books, you can find more on that on our website: lasterra.nl 

Once a month, a drinks reception, also known as the faculty drinks, is held in the Van Steenis building. Terra also organises several infamous archaeology parties for students throughout the year.

Since most of the people at the faculty are a member of Terra, it is a great way to quickly get to know your fellow students. To join Terra, simply fill out a registration form, available in the Terra office (C0.08) and on our website, pay the contribution and you are a member for life!  


This subgroup has been organising lots of fun and interesting activities since 1985. Mediterranean archaeology is more than just the classical period, so we are interested in all cultures and periods in the Mediterranean. 

Activities we like to plan include toga parties, film nights, lectures, reenactments of ancient festivals such as the Dionysia and Olympics and any event that helps us understand the traditions of the ancient Mediterranean world.  

Additionally, we want to shed light not only to the popular aspects of our area, but also understanding how everyday life was, and the stories of those people. Thus, we love doing myth retellings, and exploring ancient history further! We hope to see you there! 

For more information send an e-mail to: k.a.d.reuvens@gmail.com.

Previously known as Johan de Laet, this subgroup was established into Terra to represent all areas of American and Caribbean archaeology in 1984. Now known as Abya Yala, this subgroup is one filled with fun and dancing, always with the enthusiasm and encouragement to spread knowledge about these beautiful regions. The new name expresses the extensive native history that exists in the Americas and the Caribbean, and we strive to show you in both the educational and social aspects. 

We pride ourselves in representing an area that contains so much joy and we focus on having a fun time in every event we create for you. Whether this is a party, a movie night or our monthly discussion and interesting lectures with recognized and enthusiastic professors who have done respectable research to expand our knowledge about archaeology of the Americas and the Caribbean. 

For more information send an e-mail to: abyayala@gmail.com

Nabu Na’id is the subgroup that is all about the Near East at the Faculty of Archaeology. This includes the regions Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Syria, the Levant, Egypt and all the associated literary courses. Anyone who is interested in this area of archaeology and/or literature is welcome.

Throughout the year, we organise activities related to these studies for our members. These include lectures, workshops, films, exhibitions and much more. This is a way of getting involved in your study and/or region of interest in an informal way. We also organise the annual Dutch Symposium of the Near East, also known as Dusane.  

All these events are a perfect way to meet your lecturers, fellow students, and others with similar interests away from the classroom. We hope to see you at our activities this year!  

For more information send an e-mail to: nabunaid@gmail.com

We are the youngest subgroup of L.A.S. Terra, and the most diverse. We encompass Asia, Africa, and Oceania, focusing on creating enjoyable experiences through events that highlight the vibrant cultures of these regions. This means that we have a passion for food, crafts, and sipping tea, and of course we have a passion to share these cultures with you through fun and educational events. 

We organise activities such as cooking classes, tea ceremonies or traditional painting and we cannot forget about our annual Maitreya Karaoke Party—these are just a few examples of the exciting events we organize. We would love to have you join us in exploring these incredible parts of the world. 

For more information send an e-mail to: a.a.d.maitreya@gmail.com

The subgroup Situla, formerly known as Johan Picardt, is the subgroup representing Northwestern Europe with emphasis on prehistoric archaeology. Over the years, science based, and experimental archaeology have joined in too. We are an enthusiastic subgroup, where we organise exciting and fun events, such as Celtic jewellery making, scavenger hunts and pub quizzes. 

However, we offer a varied programme with different events each year as well as proudly spearhead the experimental archaeology committee. We come up with interactive, educational, and entertaining activities in collaboration with members of the faculty who share the methods used in the past. This can include flint knapping, wool felting, woodwork, bead making and even grinding materials, replicating the techniques and environments they had thousands of years ago. Our aim is to expand your knowledge on this area of the world through enjoyable activities.  

For more information send an e-mail to: ladsitula@gmail.com


L.A.S. Terra also hosts unique events throughout the year, such as the gala, the book market, travel, and many more. These events are organised by our committees, and you can help! By joining our committees, you can be involved in Terra behind the scenes!  

During the first month of the academic year, you can sign up to join the committees. By joining us, you will play a vital part in planning these events without having too much stress about the workload. A perfect way to do something archaeology related next to your studies! 

For more information send an e-mail to: bestuurlasterra@gmail.com

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