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As a student of Leiden University, you can join a number of co-participation bodies together with university staff members. Co-participation is an important democratic right that enables you to play an active role in university decision-making and advisory processes.

Co-participation bodies

At Leiden University, you can take part in the following co-participation bodies:

University & faculty councils and programme committees

University council and faculty councils are democratically elected co-participation bodies that represent both students and staff of the university and its faculties. Co-participation also takes place at departmental level through programme committees. Learn more about these councils and committees.

Leiden Assessors Committee  

The Leiden Assessors Committee  (LAssO) is a consultative body made up of the student members of each faculty board.

Leiden University Student Platform

The Leiden University Student Platform (LUS) is a student-led ‘think-tank’ that discusses a wide variety of topics concerning students and annually presents the Leiden Teaching Prize.

University elections

Members of Leiden University’s co-participation bodies are democratically elected during university elections.

Financial support for co-participation

As a reward for your co-participation activities, you may be eligible to request financial support. 

  1. Your faculty assessor has an overview of all student members of faculty co-participation bodies. On the basis of this, the assessor will send recommendations concerning the division of funds between all faculty co-participation body members to the Student and Educational Affairs department (SEA).
  2. At the end of each co-participation period,  SEA will send you a decision award letter stating the number of number of months’ worth of financial support allocated to you.
  3. Request payment of your allocated financial support by following the procedures on the Board membership page.


Questions about requesting financial support for your co-participation body activities? Contact your faculty assessor.

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