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Finding your way around the student website

1 July 2020

Leiden University’s student website gives you quick and easy access to all the information you need about your study programme. By selecting your programme when logging in, you can view information that is relevant to you. Via the direct links you can also gain speedy access to a range of useful websites, such as Blackboard, uSis and the e-prospectus.

Guide to using the website

1. Select your study programme
When you first enter the website, you will be asked to either select your study programme or visit the website as a guest.

  • By selecting your study programme, you can access information that is specific to your particular programme and faculty.
  • By visiting the site as a guest, you can only access general, university-wide information.  

The website will remember your selection for subsequent log-ins from the same device.

Screenshot: splashscreen select a study programme/specialisation
Screenshot: Select a study programme

2. You are now on the homepage
Here you can find:

  • University announcements, news and agenda items
  • Faculty/institute announcements, news and agenda - if you have selected your programme (see step 1)
  • Direct links to Blackboard, uSis, the e-prospectus, the library website and more
Screenshot: Homepage
Screenshot: Homepage

3. Site navigation
There are two ways of searching for information:

  • Via the search box at the top of the page
  • Via the expanding menu on the left of the page
Screenshot: Menu and search box
Screenshot: Menu and search box

4. Viewing the information
If you selected your study programme when first logging in (see step 1), you will notice that there is often more than one tab on each page:

  • Under the first tab you will see general, university-wide information.
  • By clicking on the second and/or third tab, you will find information specific to your faculty and/or study programme.
Screenshot: tabs
Screenshot: tabs

5. Select a different programme?
If you want to see information about another study programme, simply click on the arrow next to your selected programme (top/middle of the page) and select a different programme.


Do you have a question about the student website? Send an email to studentenwebsite@leidenuniv.nl.

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