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New student website – finding your way on the new student website

24 November 2016

New website
New website

Welcome to the new student website! The site is easier to use and looks great – even on your mobile. Here are five reasons why you should take a look around the new site asap.

1. Easy to view on your mobile or tablet
The website is always easy to view, whether you are using a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

2. All the info you need in one place
You can find all the information you need about a particular subject in one place. No need to consult several websites.

3. Customised information
Indicate which study programme you are following and you’ll be shown information that is relevant and useful to you.

4. Access to all systems
Easy access to Blackboard, Usis, U-mail, the e-prospectus and your schedule.   

5. One site full of useful information and tips
Money matters, internships, study tips, study abroad, have a complaint? The new website contains a wealth of tips, good advice and references.

Guide to using this website

Select a study programme
You must first select your study programme or specialisation to access customised information. You can do this by typing the name of your programme in the centre of the menu bar, at the top of your screen. Alternatively you can opt to visit the website as a guest, to access general, non-programme specific information only.  After making a selection you will always arrive at the same page when accessing the website from that device.

Screenshot: splashscreen select a study programme/specialisation
Screenshot: splashscreen select a study programme/specialisation

If you want to see information from another study programme you can select the programme name in the top centre of the screen.

Screenshot: select a programme
Screenshot: select a programme

Here you can find announcements, news and agenda items from your study programme, faculty and the university. You can also access Blackboard, Usis, your schedule and the e-prospectus.

Finding your way
By using the search box or navigation structure you can access a wide range of useful information on student registration & de-registration, internships, career & work, honours education and much more.

Screenshot: navigation and search box
Screenshot: navigation and search box

If you search for a subject via the search box you will find information that is relevant to your study programme. Under the first tab you will first see general information. Under the second and third tabs you will find information specific to your faculty and/or study programme.

Screenshot: tabs
Screenshot: tabs

Other systems unchanged

The website for students has changed but other systems for students haven’t. Via your homepage you can still access sites such as:   

•    Blackboard
•    uSis
•    e-prospectus
•    uMail


Do you have a question about the website launch or new website project? Send an email to studentenwebsite@leidenuniv.nl.

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