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Improvements to new student website

8 May 2017

The new student website was launched at the end of last year. Following user research, the website has now been improved in a number of areas.

You no longer need to log in with your student account. Instead, you are offered two options when accessing the website:

  • Visit the website as a guest: You will see general, university-wide information only.
  • Select your study programme: In addition to general information, you will also see information specific to your faculty or study programme.

Easier navigation
The homepage now has a clearer layout, allowing you to find your way quicker. The navigation bar has been simplified and the main menu remains expanded and in view on the homepage. In addition, the menu for selecting your study programme is more visible.

Shortcuts to frequently used systems (Blackboard, uSis etc.) can now be found on the right of the screen.

If you have a question about the student website please send an email to: studentenwebsite@leidenuniv.nl.