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New bachelor study advisor + exchange coördinator

12 September 2017

Due to changes in job responsibilities, study advisor Femke Tomas will transfer her study advisor tasks to a new colleague. This new colleague will also take over the Exchange programme tasks from Laura van Hoof.

Introducing Inge Tinbergen

Inge will be the new study coordinator for the Bachelor, as well as Exchange programme coordinator.
She has previously worked at UvA (Amsterdam University), where she was the coordinator for the Conservation and Restoration programme. After that she worked as study coordinator for students.

Inge has ample experience in guiding (international) students through their studies, and in establishing fruitful work relationships with staff members. She is very much looking forward to start working at the Faculty of Archaeology.

Starting October 1st, Inge will be at our Faculty 4 days a week. Until November 1st Inge and Femke will work together in order to transfer all tasks properly. After that, Femke will continue to counsel students who have currently been studying for 4 years or more.

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