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Construction activities courtyard LMUY and Gorlaeus Building

7 November 2017


At the moment, the courtyard between the LMUY and the Gorlaeus Building is being constructed. Depending on the weather conditions, the groundworks will be finished early December. Plants and furniture will be added to the garden in spring.

Garden entrance

A new door will be placed in the facade of the Atrium. This will offer open access to the courtyard during office hours.

Fire brigade path, paving and parking lot

Leading from the parking lot to the new courtyard and adjacent to the Gorlaeus Faculty Office, a fire brigade path will be constructed. New paving and drainage will also be installed on the Max Planckweg (east of the Gorlaeus Buidling). The parking lot at the Gorlaeus Faculty Office will also undergo a major renovation. The completion of the entire project is scheduled for early March 2018.

Artist’s impression of the new garden, seen from the ground floor of the Atrium (Gorlaeus Building)

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