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No access Royal Society of Chemistry

12 March 2018

Dutch universities have (temporarily) no access to recent editions of the Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing (RSC) journals. The VSNU and the university libraries (UKB) are negotiating with RSC about a new subscription contract, including open access. During the negotiations read access has been limited by RSC to articles published before 2018. For the acquisition of articles published in 2018, the following three options can offer a solution:

1) Author version - many (national and foreign) universities require their authors to make an author's version available in the university repository of non-Open Access articles. You can find this via Google Scholar, Web of Science or with the Unpaywall browser plugin.
2) Email the author or ask through Researchgate for the article.
3) Make use of the Inter Library Loan service. We will request the article via other university libraries. This involves (low) costs, which are settled on the SAP number. The form helps us to estimate the need.

If you have any questions, please contact, Rutger de Jong, the Subject Librarian for the Faculty of Science.

Dutch universities believe that science should be readily accessible to all (open access) and reusable by all. In conjunction with the university libraries (UKB), the VSNU has been negotiating with the larger publishers regarding access to journals on the one hand and the possibility of open access publication in these journals on the other since 2014. The fundamental principle in this regard is that no surcharges should be levied. At the moment, no agreement with RSC on this has been achieved yet, but negotiations are still ongoing.

For many publishers, this approach has been successful – in the case of American Chemical Society, Cambridge University Press, Sage, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley, Dutch corresponding authors are entitled to publish their articles open access and read the journals at no extra cost to the authors. A partial agreement with Elsevier is in place, and agreements for Oxford University Press and Wolters Kluwer are in the pipeline. For more information, please visit the overview of journals  for which an agreement has been reached.

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