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Have you registered yet for all upcoming exams

9 May 2019

Please note that you cannot participate in an exam without a valid registration. Check out the step-by-step explanation on how to register for exams and how to check whether your registration was successful.

Always register early, so that you still have time to solve any problems you may encounter before the deadline.

Faculty examination procedure

Please read this procedure carefully so that you are aware of all the rules concerning exams.

Registering and de-registering for exams

Registration is only possible from 100 calendar days to 10 calendar days before the exam in question. For example, if the exam is on 22 September, you must have registered in uSis by 23:59 hrs on 11 September. If you do not register for the exam before the deadline, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

Deregistering for an exam is also possible in uSis until 10 calendar days before the exam.

Registration problems

  1. Registering for an exam in only possible if your shopping cart is completely empty. The activity will be grey if previous attempts to register before the registration period have not been removed.
  2. If you still have trouble registering, please contact the Student Services Centre within the registration period.

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