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BA International Studies is organizing an Area Fair for first year students!

12 September 2018

Before the start of every year’s second semester the first year bachelor students of International Studies will pick an area and a language to specialize in.

After starting their studies with a broad range of introductory core courses in the first semester, in the second semester students will follow courses which are focused on the area they choose as well as language training. To make the decision for an area and language a little easier, International studies organizes an Area Fair on 26 October, 2018 in the afternoon.

On the Area Fair students can familiarize themselves with the various areas and languages. During the event, students can attend short area presentations given by lecturers of the areas they are most interested in. Moreover, an information market is organized on the ground floor of the Schouwburgstraat. This is where students can ask more specific questions to representative area tutors, language lecturers and students. In the following schedule all the areas and languages are indicated:



East Asia

Mandarin, Japanese, Korean

Latin America

Spanish, Portuguese

Middle East

Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Modern Hebrew

North America

French, Spanish

Russia and Eurasia


South and Southeast Asia  

Hindi, Indonesian


Arabic, Swahili, French, Portuguese


French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German

Later on in the semester you will receive more information regarding the area fair but you can add the date to your schedule already.

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