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Weblectures programme Archaeology

14 September 2018

The aim of the weblecture programme is to support students in preparing for exams. As you progress through the programme the number of weblectures will decrease. In the BA1 all introductionary courses will be recorded, in the BA2 only the general courses, while in the BA3 and the Master's only the Archaeological Theory course. 

Weblectures do not replace the lectures involved. All recorded weblectures will be published on BlackBoard exactly 2 weeks in advance of the exam date. Although the weblectures are compiled with the utmost care, you cannot derive any rights from the weblecture content or its online presence.

The Faculty of Archaeology employs student-assistant Leon Timmer to be in charge of the Weblectures. He takes care of recording the courses and publishing these on BlackBoard.

A list of the courses in the first semester can be found at the bottom. If there are problems related to viewing the weblectures or any odd glitches, you can contact Leon Timmer on the following mail-address: weblectures@arch.leidenuniv.nl.

Weblecture courses

BA 1

  • Material Studies
  • Introduction to Heritage Studies
  • Past and Future
  • World Archaeology 1
  • World Archaeology 2


  • Deep History
  • Complex Societies
  • Imperial Powers, Global Cultures
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Geographical Information Systems


  • Archaeological Theory


  • Archaeological Theory
  • Scientific Methodology

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