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Studying safely: make sure you know what to do

10 October 2018

Safety measures

The university finds it important that you are offered a safe environment. It is therefore essential that you know what to do in case of emergencies or incidents, as well as the safety instructions for your particular study programme.

Make sure to carefully read the information about safety measures!

Also familiarise yourself with the location of escape routes and other safety measures in university buildings. Your lecturers and study coordinators can tell you more.

Emergency numbers

  • Are you outside?
    Call 112.
  • Are you inside a university building?
    Call the building’s emergency number. This can be found on all telephones in the building and on instruction cards (generally found on the inside of doors).
  • Are you abroad?
    Call +31 71 527 6666 (available 24 hours a day).

Always report incidents

If you are involved in an emergency or (potential) incident, it is very important that you report it to the university. In this way you can help to make the university an even safer place. Find out how to report an incident.

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