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The Hague asks its students to present their greatest plans

19 November 2018

Calling all students of The Hague! This is your moment! The competition ‘Puike Plannen’ (great plans) has been launched by our local hero Joop Buyt and alderman Richard de Mos. Puike Plannen is more than a contest or ideas competition. It's an opportunity to make The Hague even more appealing, better or more entertaining than it already is. And a challenge to show that to as many people as possible outside The Hague. Stand up and present the ‘puikste plan’ ever! Oh yeah, and to make sure that the plan doesn't end up in the drawer, you've got to implement it as well. With a little help from experts and maximum 50,000 euros. And of course, as a student of The Hague you have this big overload of fine ambitious ideas. So join the competition!

You can join the competition up to and including Friday 7 December.

Join the competition!

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