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International student? Have a heartwarming Christmas dinner!

3 December 2018

Are you an international student? And would you like to have a Christmas dinner with a heartwarming family in The Netherlands? Don't hesitate to join the Christmas Holiday Hosting Program!

Weather is getting colder, shops decorated nicely
Snow on your shoulder, order yourself a spiced tea.

If streets are filled with lights, you feel the atmosphere,
Dark and cold nights, you know that Christmas time is near.

In a new country far from home, it could be a bit scary,
You don’t need to be alone, celebrate with a Dutch family!

Learn about Dutch traditions, let go of your exam,
No need for any permissions, join the Holiday Hosting Program!

Feel free to apply, the welcome will be warm,
You will receive a reply, after you have filled out this form.

Signed up, but you cannot join the celebration?
Your plans were interrupt? We appreciate a cancellation.

Christmas greetings,

The International Student Advisers
Jantien Delwel and Qing-yi Fan

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