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Report and track your IT request in the new helpdesk portal

18 December 2018

You can use the new helpdesk portal that is available for employees and students to report and track your request. Via helpdesk.universiteitleiden.nl you can create an IT request with forms that will be easy to fill in. Manuals and frequently asked questions (FAQs) can also be found via the portal. Click on the tiles or use the search function at the top!

Will I no longer be able to call the helpdesk?

Of course, you can still contact the helpdesk by telephone (8888) or e-mail, we are at your service.

Did you already use the helpdesk portal?

  • for staff and students;
  • report and track your IT request;
  • information on IT services;
  • integrated search engine;
  • offers answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s);
  • easy to use application forms;
  • available 24/7 at helpdesk.universiteitleiden.nl
  • provides information on outages.

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