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LUC The Hague: Help wanted at the Prosecution Office of the ICC

9 January 2019

Second and Third Year IJ and WP Students

The Prosecution Division of the ICC Office is looking for students to help review a large collection of documents and audio files obtained in the investigations into the situations in Burundi and Ivory Coast. They are inviting second and third year IJ and WP students for a minimum period of two weeks to the ICC premises to summarise and partially transcribe the material, which is in French and English. The summaries would include information such as the names of any victims and perpetrators identified, any crimes alleged, locations, dates, etcetera.

Selection Criteria

If you are fluent in both French and English, have at least a theoretical knowledge about international and/or criminal law, and be detail-oriented and interested to take part please contact Dr. Beatrix Futak-Campbell (B.Campbell@luc.leidenuniv.nl)

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