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Having difficulties taking the National Student Survey? Take a look at these tips!

26 February 2019

When filling in the National Student Survey, you have to indicate which study programme you are following. Having problems finding your programme? The tips below should help.

  1. Check: Dutch or English? 
    If you can’t find the Dutch name of your programme, try the English name – or vice versa.
  2. Check: Track or programme? 
    If you are following a specific track within a study programme, you may not be able to find the name of your track in the list. Instead, select the name of the study programme under which your track falls.
  3. Check: Master, post-master or pre-master?
    Are you following a post-master or pre-master? Please indicate this when prompted to do so, on the screen preceding the section on choosing your study programme.

You can fill in the survey until 24 March.

Take the National Student Survey

Taking part is important

By taking the National Student Survey you are contributing to the improvement of your study programme, the university and the city. On top of that, you can win great prizes and will be supporting refugee students.

Read more about the National Student Survey

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