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Practical Philosophy ''not-for-credit'' course on Stoicism

11 February 2019

Feeling (non-clinically) anxious, depressed, or out-of-control? Are you finding that your feelings are controlling you rather than you controlling you?  Are the headlines and dispositions of others a constant source of distraction getting between you and your goals?   

Dr. Brandon Zicha is currently planning on holding a not-for-credit course about the practical philosophy of ancient stoicism for every day life.  Believe it or not, philosophy originally wasn't always about subtle thoughts and exact abstract reasoning, but far more applied.  This class would explore such intentional living by meeting Tuesday evenings (likely after class concludes) and would require about 60-90 minutes of time per day of practice and very short reading divided between the morning and the evening, plus about another hour or two of reading to be completed at your leisure before each weekly meeting. Heavy reading and scholarly analysis is not the focus of this course or readings, but rather something a bit more personal and subjective to you.  So, prospective participants shouldn't see this as an 'extra class' per se and more as 'reading for pleasure' and 'self care' (though there will be some academic points brought by the instructor so no one feels too guilty).

The purpose of the class is to highlight the importance of establishing a personal philosophy, the power of doing so, and our own ability to shape our own experience with the world such that it both enhances our subjective well-being and our objective agency to do what we genuinely believe is right for us an our communities. Ancient stoicism will be used as a starting point for building a personal practice regarding these goals.

The class aims to start in week 3 and continue through block 3 (and possibly into block 4 for those interested).

Please e-mail Dr Brandon Zicha at b.c.zicha@luc.leidenuniv.nl with the subject line: "stoicism course" I will then add you to the course blackboard site.  

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