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Last chance: take the National Student Survey

26 March 2019

Want to help improve your degree programme, the University and the city? Then complete the National Student Survey. You also stand the chance of winning a fantastic prize. And you support refugee students at the same time. You can complete the form until 7 April.

Are you satisfied with your degree programme? What do you think of your lecturers, your timetable, the University facilities or the content of your programme? Tell us all about it in the National Student Survey (NSE) and give your verdict on your degree programme, the University and the city. And most important of all: tell us what could and should be improved. Our students' opinions are important to us, and we use the results of the NSE to improve the quality of our programmes and of the University. This year you not only stand the chance of winning a fantastic prize but also directly support refugees who want to continue their studies in the Netherlands. 

How do you take the survey?

From 2 February you will receive a mail from the NSE in your uMail with a link to the survey. If you haven't received the mail or can no longer find it, go to the NSE website and enter your uMail address to receive a new link to the survey. The survey is anonymous: only your degree programme and starting year are known in advance. 

Why should you take the survey?

The NSE helps improve the University because we address matters that students are critical of in the survey. For instance, in the NSE from 2017 and 2018 Leiden students were less satisfied than other students with how they are prepared for their future career. The University therefore started its Employability project, which resulted in the recent overhaul of the LU Career Zone. 

Win fantastic prizes

  • A €2000 travel voucher from KILROY)
  • 500 x €20 Ticketmaster eGift Cards

Take the survey and help refugees study!

For every student who completes the NSE, Leiden University will donate €0.25 through LUF for education for refugee students. By completing the survey you don't just help improve your own education but that of refugee students too therefore!

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