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Student Beadles wanted? April Fool!

1 April 2019

We received over 150 enthusiastic responses from students saying they would love to assist our beadles this year. Unfortunately for them, it was an April Fools’ Day joke! But you can step into our beadles’ shoes: in our brand new University game HORA EST!

The game HORA EST has been especially developed for our 444th anniversary. In the game, you describe and guess (Dutch) words that have something to do with Leiden University and its 444-year history: Zweetkamertje or Praesidium Libertatis, for example, but also buildings in Leiden and The Hague, historical figures such as Pieter van der Werf and student terms such as CoBo or keren.

The beadle plays an important role in this game: if you pick the Beadle card and call ‘HORA EST’ at the right moment, you win bonus points!

Our beadle was in on the joke too. See his message to all the enthousiastic student beadles

If you had already imagined yourself supporting our beadles and are disappointed to hear that it was all a joke, we are giving away the first 44 copies of the HORA EST game as a consolation prize. A first, since the game has only just been released. The beadle himself will hand out the games in the Academy Building at 16.00 on Thursday 4 April. Be on time: first come, first served!

Be one of the first to play HORA EST: we will hand out the first 44 games on 4 April at 16.00!

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