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NSE: what's your faculty's response rate?

4 March 2019

Over the last few weeks, all students were asked to fill in the National Student Survey (NSE). The results of this are used for the website 123studiekeuze.nl. More importantly, however, the feedback is used to improve degree programmes and student facilities. 

To ensure that the survey generates reliable and actionable results for the degree programmes, it is important to achieve the highest possible response rate. Have you already taken the NSE? If not, make sure to do so before 24 March!

Response rate per faculty on 18 March

Archaeology 36%
Humanities 30%
Medicine/LUMC 26%
Governance and Global Affairs 26%
Law 17%
Social Sciences 27%
Science 30%

By taking the NSE you help not only to improve your programme, but also to support refugee students. For each completed survey, the Leiden University Fund will donate €0.25 to educating refugee students. 

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