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Revamped Prospectus

15 April 2019

On 17 April 2019, the new online Prospectus will be launched. In this revamped version, the layout has been updated and you can search more easily and with more criteria.

During the development of the new Prospectus, we asked students what they thought needed to be improved. As a result, the following improvements have been made: 

  • Additional search options, including the ability to filter according to BA/MA, language etc.
  • Better search algorithms, making it easier to search for optional courses
  • Clearer visualisation of the semesters and blocks in which courses take place
  • Shorter and clearer text fields, with a ‘read more’ button’ for more detailed information

Help us keep making improvements

Further improvements will be introduced in phases over the coming months. We plan to continue improving the Prospectus so that it meets all the criteria you find important. Have you spotted something that needs improvement? Let us know. You can find contact details on the homepage.  


Do you have a question about the new Prospectus? Get in touch via the contact details on the homepage.

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