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BBC Monitoring: world news through the eyes of the world press

7 May 2019

Are you doing research on current or historical events from world news, and do you want to know how this news is presented in the places where it originates? BBC Monitoring comes up with a solution: on a daily basis, this service keeps track on the news from stations around the world, and reports about this in English.

From now on, students and staff have access to the full file of BBC Monitoring. The subscription runs until the end of 2019 and will be evaluated afterwards.

The BBC Monitoring archive reaches back to the year 1997. This means that the website can also be used for research on world news reporting in the recent past.

BBC Monitoring is available via https://monitoring.bbc.co.uk/login or via the library catalogue. Log in using the Log In button > Login via academic institution > Universiteit Leiden Identity Server.

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