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Executive Board says recommendations in Van Rijn Committee report are unbalanced

15 May 2019

The Executive Board has taken cognisance of the report of the Van Rijn Committee (in Dutch), which was presented this morning to the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven. The Committee was tasked with advising on changes to the current funding system for higher education and research.

The measures suggested by the Committee are drastic, and the perspective of long-term solutions and the shape that these would take is unclear. The redistribution measures would have an unbalanced effect in the short term, which could be disastrous for research and teaching in the arts, the humanities, medicine and the social and behavioural sciences. 

Given the current estimates of the financial effects of the report for the University, the Executive Board has decided that the measures will in any event not be applied internally in 2020. The possible effects on the redistribution of funds after 2020 depend on the decision made by Minister van Engelshoven and the Dutch Parliament in response to the recommendations.

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