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Virtual Exchange: online courses for credits

6 May 2019

Improve your English grammar and writing skills at the University of Queensland in Australia, or get to know more about the design of modern communication systems at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. This summer you can earn credits for online education once more!

Virtual Exchange

Online education offers you the opportunity to go on a virtual exchange: you can participate in courses at Leiden University, as well as at partner universities across the world. This allows you to expand your horizon without the need to travel! You can take online courses as part of an honours track, or for elective or extra-curricular credits.


Online education is flexible: a lot of material is available 24/7 so you can follow the course whenever you want, and you can follow the course remotely. You can also develop digital and intercultural communication skills, and you get the chance to build your own (international) network.

Range of courses

Currently you can choose from about 50 courses at universities from all over the world. New ones will be added throughout the course of the year.

Check out the available online courses

Please note: application requirements and deadlines may vary per university and per course.

What is Virtual Exchange?

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