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New: send scans to your uMail

12 June 2019

You will soon be able to send scans made with your LU card directly to your uMail. That means you’ll no longer need a USB stick to save your scans.

Find out how to send scans to your uMail.

Forwarding your uMail

Set up email forwarding in uMail if you want to receive scans in your personal mailbox.

Availability per location

Scanning to uMail will become available according to the schedule below. On these dates there will be a team on hand to answer any questions you might have.    

11 & 12 June University library
13 June Witte Singel Doelen Complex
14 & 17 June Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw
18 & 19 June Pieter de la Court
20-22 June Campus The Hague
25 June Plexus Student Centre
26-28 June Bio Science Park

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