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Development new vision FSW

9 October 2019

The Faculty Board has the ambition to work together with employees and students on a new FSW vision. The orientation phase has started with the formation of working groups. The working groups bring new and advancing insights, inspiration, suggestions, ideas, warnings, sharp analyses and tools for the future of our faculty. 

Why a new vision?

The need for a new vision stems from:

  • external developments in policy: financing of universities, personnel policy
  • internal developments in research and education: interdisciplinary themes, demand for hybrid programmes;
  • the development of the international market for higher education;
  • university relations, in particular the need to actively develop cooperation with the other faculties in Leiden and The Hague. 

If we succeed in developing an attractive and effective vision and related strategy, we will be in a better position to make our contribution to the national and international debate on the social role and funding of universities and science. In this debate, the key role of the social sciences is often underestimated or conveniently ignored', says Dean Paul Wouters.


The current FSW policy plan (in Dutch) expires at the end of 2020. 2019 and 2020 will be used to jointly develop a vision for FSW for the years thereafter. The planning of this is carefully coordinated with the planning of the university institutional plan, which is also currently being worked on.

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