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Sleep problems? Take part in our research programme 'Sleep group therapy'

23 January 2020

New group therapy intervention for students

A lot of students are experiencing sleep problems. This, in turn, influences their mood, concentration and daily functioning. Are you one of those students? Then take part in our research, which investigates a new group therapy intervention for students.

Niki Antypa and her team have set up a sleep group intervention programme and want to test its effectiveness. 

“We want to address not only how students sleep, but also how they think and feel during the day, and how these processes come back in the evening to influence their sleep.”

A unique aspect of this multi-component intervention is also the introduction of relaxation techniques that could also be useful for students. Students can use these techniques before going to sleep, or in a moment of stress for example.  Other issues like burnout, stress, and perfectionism are also addressed in the sessions since they also influence sleep.

Want to take part?

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