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Stand for the University and faculty councils

7 January 2020

University elections for student and staff members of the University Council and student members of the faculty councils will be held from 20 to 23 April 2020. Would you like to represent the interests of our students and staff over the next year? Then why not stand as a candidate? All you need to do is fill in the relevant forms and hand them in at the Central Polling Office on 17 or 18 March.

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What do the student and staff councils do?

The student members of the University Council and the student and staff members of the faculty and employee councils keep a critical eye on how the University is run, issue solicited and unsolicited advice and help reach decisions on important topics. The University Council does this at the level of the Executive Board, the faculty councils at the level of the faculty and the employee councils at the level of the University’s central services. For more information on what these bodies do and their contact details, see the information on the organisational structure of the University.

Why should I stand as a candidate?

In a position on one of the student and staff councils you not only represent student and staff interests but also ensure good governance at the University. You also get to work on your networking, negotiation, argumentation and policy-appraisal skills. And you’re first to hear of the latest developments at the University.

How do I stand as a candidate?

To stand as a candidate, fill in the relevant forms and hand them in at the Central Polling Office on 17 or 18 March. For more information and the required forms, see the student and staff participation website or contact the relevant polling station.

Stand as a candidate!

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