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What should Leiden University look like in 2026? Share your perspective at Mission 2026!

13 January 2020

In 2021, Leiden University switches to a new strategic plan determining the course of our university in the next six years. The question we therefore raise is simple: what should Leiden University look like in 2026? To find an answer to this question, we need the perspective from everyone in our academic environment – from scientists, partner organizations and policymakers, but above all from you: our students.

Mission2026 will take place on Friday 21 February from 12:30 until 18:00 hrs. in the Poortgebouw (Leiden). Attendance is free of charge for every student from Leiden University. The event is open to Dutch-speaking students as well as English-speaking students. We warmly welcome students from all walks of life and degrees of involvement with the university – so yes, you too! We hope for this get-together to be inspiring and open to all, as you take on this unique challenge of  imagining a course of our University over the next six years. Will all our canteens be vegan in 2026? Will every curriculum include a compulsory course in Programming by then? And are we already helping our students bring out the best in themselves, or could we do so differently? You tell us.

Central to the Mission2026-programme is an inspiring design session where you, together with fellow students, may outline views for the future about themes of your choice. The conference will be kicked off with a short presentation by our Executive Board and a stirring panel session with several Leiden University researchers. The event will be concluded with drinks at the same location.

We hope to meet you and hear your views on the 21st of February. In case of questions, please contact Olivier Fajgenblat.

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