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Open call for artistic projects about freedom or the Second World War

18 February 2020

In 2020, it will be the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in the Netherlands. On 4 May, Leiden University will host a special commemoration to remember the Second World War and the lives that were lost, and to reflect on how we should not take peace for granted. We are inviting students to contribute to this commemoration.

Open call

Students are invited to submit creative projects (or ideas for such projects) that relate to, reflect on or deal with freedom, academic or otherwise, and/or the Second World War. This can take the form of any creative project that can be realised and presented in the Academy Building on 4 May (e.g. film, photography, installation, short stories, paintings or any combination of media). The presentation of the project should fit into 20 minutes.


The projects could include: past and present pressures on academic freedom, the social practice and value of commemorating, war-related biographies, personal stories and events or the impact and aftermath of war and persecution. You can choose to reflect on intellectual or biographical aspects. We strongly encourage you to take a contemporary angle or perspective.

Deadline for submissions

The deadline for submissions is 15 April 2020. Please send these to: uurvanherinnering@leidenuniv.nl 
The winner will be chosen by a special committee that will be aided by an acclaimed artist.

The commemoration

The first ‘commemoration lecture,’ by Leiden historian Ethan Mark, will also be delivered at the commemoration in the Academy Building on 4 May. In addition, there will be a student commemoration and the presentation of the winning artistic project. The commemoration will be held from 14:40 to 15:30 hours.

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