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Please note: wear a warm sweater on Friday 7 February!

3 February 2020

Poster warmetruiendag

Leiden University is taking part in the Warm Sweater Day again this year. On 7 February the heating will be turned down to 16 degrees in as many University buildings as possible.

Lowering temperature, raising awareness

In past years Leiden University Green Office, the student organisation for sustainability, has been active in promoting National Warm Sweater Day. The main aim of the day is to make students and staff at the University aware of how they can save energy. One easy way is to turn the heating down, which really benefits the environment.  

Warm sweater

In a great many University buildings the temperature will be turned down. So don't forget to dig your warmest sweater out of the wardrobe on 7 February! You can contribute to reducing COemissions in other ways too, and help the environment at the same time, for instance by turning down the radiator.

Hot chocolate

And to help you get through the day on 7 February, you can get a free hot chocolate between 11 am and 2 pm at the Old Library, Anna van Buerenplein, Pieter de la Court and Lipsius building.

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