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Student support during the Corona outbreak

3 April 2020

We live in uncertain times, isolated in our homes or student rooms. How to deal with a situation like this, in particular for those of you far away from your family, your loved ones? Currently we have no idea about the length of social distancing but at least until 28 April 2020.

Some of you may feel lonely, feel depressed, or worse. First of all don’t be embarrassed, this is what a lot of people experience. Let’s be honest about our emotions, our fears. Take care of each other by reaching out. A short text message can be enough to break the silence.

The Listening Phone
Are you feeling anxious, stressed or lonely in these difficult times? Contact the ‘Listening Phone’, which has been set up by Student Support Services. Call 071 527 1132 or send an email to studentsupport@leidenuniv.nl and they will call you back. The Listening Phone is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. 

Student Support Groups
Are you feeling isolated, lonely, anxious? Are you looking for structural support through this Corona time? Do you want to form new connections with fellow students? Join the Student Support Groups! Our aim: to form sustainable support networks through these challenging times. Each group contains 5 students, one student mentor and  support staff and will virtually meet at least once a  meet. Students from all programmes are welcome to join. Groups consist of a mix of Dutch and international students. You can apply by sending an e-mail to popcornerthehague@leidenuniv.nl. See for more information the attachment.

Student helpline Rapenburg 100; Life coaches / Spiritual counsellors
We all need a sense of where we are going in life, and what is our purpose. Normally we take this for granted, but sometimes it becomes necessary to discuss this. Available Monday- Sunday from 16:00-18:00  and 20:00-22:00, call 071 744 01 68

Healthy University @Home
Only in Dutch, soon in English as well https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/dossiers/coronavirus/healthy-university--at-home

Stay safe and healthy
What should you do to stay sane and healthy?

  • Structure your day
  • Get up at the same time, go to bed at the same time every day
  • If possible: take walks outside
  • Eat healthy, start cooking if you haven’t done so yet
  • Exercise: Youtube and Instagram have fun workouts
  • Study and read at fixed timeslots
  • Relax: meditate, do yoga, pray, dance
  • Watch a movie or documentary and share and discuss with friends and fellow students
  • Start a bookclub
  • Organize an online pub quiz with your friends
  • Take care of each other, call in on your friends and fellow students
  • Stay in contact!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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